Above and Beyond.
PACS provides administrative support services that elevate skilled nursing facilities.

We help facilities and their leadership teams focus on what’s most important—taking great care of patients and employees.

People-Inspired, Quality-Focused

We empower and equip local leadership teams to deliver excellent care and make positive contributions to their communities. The health and satisfaction of patients and employees drives everything we do. As we create and maintain that focus, we achieve industry-leading clinical outcomes from highly engaged teams.

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Join Us. PACS identifies and develops talent to innovate healthcare.

PACS is constantly looking for top talent to serve in healthcare leadership roles (LNHAs), or, for highly-qualified individuals who are new to healthcare leadership to join our administrator-in-training (AIT) program. If you seek meaningful work, care deeply about others, and love building effective teams, we want to talk with you.

We recruit talented present and future skilled healthcare leaders through two career paths:

PACS Development Program

Administrator-in-Training Program for Recent College Grads
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  • A 6-8 month, mentorship-based experience that provides direct, consistent training and coaching from a variety of facility leaders, caregivers, and specialists
  • Skill development of operational systems management, quality assurance and clinical oversight, administrative effectiveness, risk mitigation, leadership/people development, and understanding of regulations and other legal requirements
  • Immediate and meaningful contribution opportunities
  • Competitive salary and benefits during training period and possibly thereafter
  • Worthwhile and gainful earning potential in a satisfying, meaningful profession
  • Fun and flexible teamwork culture that promotes a positive work environment
  • Worthwhile and gainful earning potential in a satisfying, meaningful profession
  • Growth opportunities and access to a broad geographic network of facilities, leaders and people from various backgrounds

A bachelor’s degree is required to participate in the PACS Development Program.

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PACS Professional Program

Experienced Nursing Home Administrators
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  • Smart-match placement that assesses candidate skill sets, qualifications, and career interests to best pair leaders with the right facilities and teams
  • Training and support for continued operational, clinical, administrative, and leadership development; including necessary training for tools, software, reporting, etc
  • Fun and flexible teamwork culture that promotes a positive working environment
  • Worthwhile and gainful earning potential that directly reflects facility results
  • Growth opportunities and access to a broad geographic network of facilities, leaders and people from various backgrounds and specializations
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Moving Healthcare Forward. Advisory services that improve outcomes.

PACS provides administrative and consulting services that help skilled nursing and long-term care facility teams exert maximum focus and attention to the care, well-being, and improved quality of life for every short-term patient and long-term resident. We understand industry challenges like high costs and low reimbursements, and are able to help facilities maximize economies of scale and increase investment dollars through our broad facility network.

Recruiting & Staff Support

We identify and train qualified leaders to operate skilled nursing and long-term care facilities. We focus on finding innovative and effective administrators and executives, and place them at facilities based on their qualifications, experience, geographic preferences, and personality fit with the existing facility staff and culture. Learn more about our recruiting programs.

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Finance & Accounting

We provide resources and tools that help facility leaders effectively manage the financial aspects of LTC facilities. This includes software, reporting, and consulting services to help with staffing and accounting, accounts receivable/payable, data for goal setting, and recommendations for improving efficiencies. Services include:

  • Billing
  • Payroll
  • Account Receivable/Payable (AR/AP)
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Historical Data Trending
Technology & Creative Services

Operating a skilled nursing facility in today’s market requires out-of-the-box thinking and reliable technology infrastructure. At PACS, our support team includes software developers, help desk technicians, graphic/web designers, and more. Services include:

  • Hardware and Software Infrastructure
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Graphic Design and Printing
  • Photography and Videography
Clinical Training & Support

The quality of clinical outcomes and the level of staff proficiency is critical to patient satisfaction, risk mitigation, and investment management. We offer training and guidance to clinical leadership and staff to ensure they have access to best practices in areas that include:

  • Patient Safety and Quality of Life
  • Patient Satisfaction and Family Support
  • Compliance with Clinical Regulations and Guidelines
  • Leadership Development and Organizational Management
Legal & Compliance

Long-term care is a heavily regulated industry. PACS offers a range of consulting services to facilities, providing peace of mind through information and the support needed to remain financially viable and compliant while achieving extraordinary results. Services include:

  • Risk Management
  • Legal Support
  • Compliance Support


Inspiring the Future of Care. PACS helps skilled nursing and long-term care facilities achieve new levels of excellence.

How We Can Help You


If you own a long-term care facility or facilities, we can connect you with the right administrative and operational support. The success of your facility protects the value of your investment by ensuring sustainability and viability in the long term. PACS has proven industry success and leadership to help your facility thrive. Let us help you protect your investment.


If you are a SNF or LTC owner, we understand the many challenges you face operating a profitable facility while also maintaining a reputation for excellence. Our administrative support and strategic consulting services make that possible through operational support, strategic tools, and recommendations. We can also help refine your approach to the market and solidify your place in this new value-based, outcomes-driven partnership environment.

For partnership opportunities, give us your email and we'll reach out to you:

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