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Chief Financial Officer at PACS Group, Inc.

Derick is the Chief Financial Officer at PACS, a national leader in post-acute care back-office and consulting resources that enable facility-level professionals and clinicians to focus on patient care, well-being and quality of life. He has a background in overseeing cash and debt management, as well as leading property investments, new business acquisitions, and divestures. Prior to his current role, Derick held positions in treasury departments at Intermountain Healthcare and Goldman Sachs before becoming Treasury and Finance Manager at Vivint, Inc., a NYSE-traded home technology company.

Derick has a bachelor’s degree in Biological Engineering from the University of Missouri and an MBA with an emphasis in international banking from the George Washington University.

In addition to his love of finance, Derick enjoys skiing, cycling, hiking, traveling, and spending time with his wife and 3 children.